162,5 x 110cm
C-Print on Sihl Lustre



The final product of my minor project in which I focused on bringing my two main disciplines together.
Photography and Sculpture/ Installation not only differ in a technical way, but also in their spatial manner: I tried to create a method which makes it possible to connect the typical signatures of the two-dimensionality with the attributes of three-dimensionality – and by this the ways in which I usually approach these two mediums process-wise.
In many hours of experimental studio-work I installed a room-filling installation, specially applied on the camera’s point of view. I optimized this analogue setting by using different scale objects I built as requisites, everyday objects, building materials, different light sources, glas, mirrors, sheets, fabric, large prints of 3D-objects and linings. In an elaborate setup different layers got connected up on each other in a way that gives a new and complex image.
While fore- and background merge through transparency, shadings don’t match the actual light situation and attributes like ‚flat‘ and ‚plastic‘ can’t be clearly recognized anymore, this work aims to distort logical proportions – and challenge our spatial perception.