installation, mixed media
under which: ceramics, rubber, textile, metal, resin, plaster, medical supplies



How does your vulnerability taste
while you are torn at the seams?

Which color tints the grey area
where deep affliction merges into overwhelming grace?

And where is the line to distinguish
perfection from obsession?

SUBLIME SKIN is a physical manifestation of an intrinsic event with a deeply ambivalent quality;
It can impossibly be transformed into verbal language.
I dissect human features which we struggle to understand and relate to, by giving them a body of
materiality. An image appearing sensual and vulnerable, yet ruthless and harsh: my work mirrors
the complexity of an emotional conflict, while it hides the obvious and exposes the obscure.
Recurring elements remind of skin or flesh, as a metaphor of our physicality (and therefore commonality).
A mysterious haze of danger fluctuates below the surface, leaving behind a suspicious fascination;
Is it the substantial friction covered in calmness and white curtains? Could it be how we relate to
the size of the objects or, in the end, what we associate with the term hospital?

with this work I graduated in Fine Art Sculpture @ AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design (NL).
first two photos and second last: Christoph Steinweg /